Agricultural tyres collected

More and more agricultural companies use their old tyres for pit tyres. Unfortunately there are a lot of unnecessary tyres on Dutch and Belgian barnyards. They can lay in your way, aren't quite attractive for the look of your compound, not to mention the consequences to the environment.

But did you know the rubber is perfectly usable for recycling? Bra-Band Recycling B.V. gladly picks up your tyres. That doesn't apply to pit tyres only. We also collect used tyres like old tractor tyres, trailer tyres and other tyres.

All you need to do is make an appointment by phone (+31 (0) 486 452212) or email. Would you like to drop the tyres at our site by yourself? That is possible too, of course.

For information about current rates of collecting and recycling tyres, please contact us via our mail address ( or our contact form.