Collecting tyres

The tyres are collected with modern transport at the provider. Bra-Band Recycling B.V. delivers the provider accompanying documentation with exemption number and wastenumber, where the amount of tyres are also registered. We register and contribute to the legal demands according to the environmental laws.

Bra-Band Recycling B.V. can deliver a tyre container or rack for collecting old tyres. The gouvernment insists high quality recycling of car tyres. The Bra-Band Recycling-container is the best solution to that. This container is easily placed and offers the possibility of collecting 150 tyres (fire) safe and environmental friendly.

Which storage type is most suitable for collecting your used tyres, depends on how many tyres your company replaces every year.

0 to 400 tyres per year
The used car tyres are loaded by hand and discharged for free, with a minimum of 50 pcs. for one collection contract.

400 to 800 tyres per year
The provider receives a tyre rack to borrow. The mobile rack is suitable for about 80 car tyres. The dimentions of this rack are 234 x 138 x 224 cm (L x W x H).

800 or more tyres per year
The provider receives a tyre container to borrow. This container is completely locked and can contain 150 car tyres.