Who we are

Bra-Band Recycling B.V. has a 30 years experience when it comes to collecting and processing from old car tyres. We are BEM, ISO, SGS and recently Recy Tyre certified. With our extensive knowledge we can help with a environmentally responsible way of processing old car tyres at car companies, tyre service companies, wholesales and other market-related businesses.

You replace your car tyres every now and then with new tyres. Old tyres are left behind at the garage or tyre specialist, or you can take them to the local city depot. But that doesn't mean the end of your old car tyres.

Used rubber tyres are suitable for recycling. Some tyres are usefull as car tyres in third world countries. All other tyres will go tyre processing companies, where they will be used as raw material for new, environmentally responible products.

Erkend VACO. Bureau Veritas Certification.

Vereniging Band & Milieu. Recytyre.

SGS Certification.